School Study Council Programming

Past speakers of national stature include Jaime Vollmer, Terry Madonna, Alexa Posney, Bruce Hunter, Charlotte Danielson, Terry Deal, Chuck Schwann, Michael Fullan, Theodore Hershberg, Lauren Resnick, Phillip Schlechty, Thomas Sergiovanni, and Rich Milner.


2023-2024 Program Dates

All 9 AM - 12:30 PM unless otherwise noted with both breakfast and lunch provided:

10/25 - AI Inside and Out: What to think and do with AI tools in teaching and education systems (Dr. William Gaudelli, Dean of College of Education, Lehigh University and Dr. Juan Zheng, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Learning and Technology)

11/15 - Annual Politics and Possibilities Panel (Hannah Barrick - Executive Director of PASBO, Kevin Busher, PSBA, Larry Feinberg - Keystone Center for Charter Change, Sherri Smith - PASA, Susan Spicka - Edu. Voters PA, Kelli Thompson - PSEA) 

12/6 - Growing the Pipeline of Teachers and Leaders (Benjamin Court, Senior Director of EAB and Bethlehem Area School District's Grow Your Own approach). 

1/17 - Postpone due to weather

2/7 - Research to Practice Showcase (Floyd Beachum, Professor of Educational Leadership, Lia Sandilos, Assistant Professor of School Psychology, Zilong Pan, Assistant Professor of  Teaching, Learning and Technology). 

3/6 - What does it take to Improve Schools and Transform Education?  Find a description here. (Dr. Thomas Hatch, Director of the National Center for Restructuring Education, Schools, and Teaching, Professor of Education at the Teachers College, and author of The education we need for a future we can’t predict). Register here.  

4/4 - Federal Policy Update (Noelle Ellerson Ng). *New date due to speaker availability (previous date 5/1/24). Register here.

5/22 - Change-Maker Hub (Full-day program, 9 AM - 3 PM)