Multicultural Resource Center

The Multicultural Resource Center (MRC) seeks to foster knowledge, skills, understanding, and awareness in the area of multiculturalism and diversity, and under the oversight of the College of Education's Diversity Committee. We hope you stay connected! 

The center is housed within the COE Graduate Student Lounge (B103) on the 1st floor of Iacocca Hall. 

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Goals of the MRC:

• To create a space with resources to foster discussion and development
• Develop a diverse library with resources for students, faculty, and staff
• Maintain the COE webpage on resources available for the COE community
• To foster an inclusive culture among faculty, staff, and students that is supportive of and open to diverse perspectives and experiences
• Each individual of the COE community feels comfortable spending time in the Graduate Student Lounge attached to the Multicultural Resource Center
• Diversity & Multicultural events will be held that foster awareness and the development of skills
• To help develop the school community to better reflect the diverse communities served by the College's fields of professional practice
• Continue to build relationships with K-12 schools and outlying communities
• Organize workshops to collaborate with other departments for professional development, such as on a non-working day
• To strengthen the curriculum across all College of Education programs to better reflect issues of multiculturalism and diversity
• Provide faculty members resources that they can utilize to incorporate in their classroom
• Collaborate with faculty members by co-hosting events during scheduled class times