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Our campus is in the Lehigh Valley, which is comprised of Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton, and the third largest metropolitan area in Pennsylvania. More adventures are also within driving distance, including the 1½-hour trip to New York City and both the 1-hour trips to Philadelphia or the Pocono Mountains. Learn more!


If you’re planning to apply as a full-time, on-campus graduate student at Lehigh check out our options for Graduate Student Housing. We have three on-campus locations available for residents — Saucon Village, Packer House and 230 West Packer. Additionally, Lehigh's Affiliated housing complex, and the SouthSide Commons. 

On-Campus Graduate Housing

To participate in the graduate housing lottery, all eligibility requirements must be met by the student.

  • Must be a full-time graduate student or a married undergraduate student.
  • Must not be a visiting researcher or scholar.
  • Must be working towards a matriculating, degree-earning program.

Lottery Timeline

There are three housing lotteries throughout the year. Below are the dates during which a student must submit their housing application to have full consideration for housing. The dates are the same every year and listed below:

Fall Lottery (possible move-in dates of June through September)

  • May 15th through June 2nd: Lottery application open for fall housing
  • June 3rd: Lottery Numbers are posted here
  • June 4-10th: Housing offers are sent to students emails
  • June 11th: Waiting List posted here

Winter/Spring Lottery (move-in dates of December through February)

  • November 1st through November 15th: Lottery application link below.
  • November 18th: Lottery numbers are posted here
  • November 19-22nd: Housing offers are sent to students emails
  • November 25th: Waitlist Posted here

Summer Lottery (move-in dates of May 15th through July 15th)   Limited Openings***

  • March 1st through March 17th: Lottery application open for summer housing
  • March 18th: Lottery numbers are posted here
  • March 19-22nd: Housing offers are sent to students emails

Accepting an Offer for an Apartment

All apartment offers are sent to the student’s email account. Students have 48 hours to respond and accept an offer for housing.  Students need to read their offer details and if accepting an offer return the paperwork to the Office of Housing Services and pay a housing deposit on-line.

Signing your lease

At least a week prior to move-in, students should call the Office of Housing Services at 610-758-3500 to schedule an hour lease signing. On the day of your lease signing, the student should come to the Housing Services Office (63 University Drive- Rathbone Hall) to sign all the lease paperwork, receive your key, swipe access, and set up your PPL electric account (if applicable). During the lease signing students will be given an orientation to living in on-campus housing at Lehigh. After your lease signing, students will be able to obtain a parking permit if they have a vehicle. Students should come prepared to their lease signing with questions they have and we encourage all family and roommates to attend the appointment with the leaseholder.

Housing rates (monthly)

230 W. Packer House     

  • Small Bedroom            $580.00
  • Large Bedroom            $600.00

Packer House     

  • Small Bedroom            $580.00
  • Large Bedroom            $600.00

Saucon Village     

  • Efficiency                $640.00
  • One Bedroom                $730.00
  • One Bedroom with A/C        $760.00
  • Two Bedroom without A/C        $830.00
  • Two Bedroom with A/C        $870.00
  • Three Bedroom            $940.00

Off Campus Housing

It is important to consider all variables and to be well informed of the particulars of living off campus before deciding to do so. On our website, you will find information on the responsibilities, opportunities, decision making processes, and tricks and tips from fellow Lehigh students on their off campus living experiences. The following information was compiled to benefit not only prospective off-campus students but also students currently living off campus, and those making the transition from on-campus student to a member of the community. If you have additional questions contact the Housing Services Office at

Transportation & Parking

Students are assigned to a specific parking facility. Students are encouraged to obtain a Commuter Permit valid at Goodman Campus in lieu of a permit adjacent to their Campus Address in an effort to foster a multi-modal culture and reduce parking congestion at Lehigh University as presented in the front end of this document.

Lehigh offers free on-campus transportation to all students. 

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