Training Opportunities - Community Voices Clinic

Community Voices Clinic (CVC) is a school-based mental health clinic and training site sponsored by Counseling Psychology program at Lehigh University. CVC offers free mental health services for children, adults, and families of Bethlehem who are uninsured or underinsured. The clinic is overseen by a Lehigh faculty member who is a licensed psychologist. This is an excellent opportunity for practicum and internship training opportunity for Lehigh University College of Education Counseling Psychology students.

Activities and Responsibilities for Training

  • Intern spend three days and twenty hours per week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) and practicum students spend three days and ten hours on site (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday).
  • Trainees work predominantly with the elementary and middle school students at Donegan and Broughal. However, CVC also receives referrals from the local community, which offers trainees the opportunity to work with adults as well.
  • Trainees engage in direct individual, family, and group counseling activities. Each year interns and practicum students have facilitated a Positive Coping group for middle school students at Broughal. Opportunties to facilitate other groups are available for interns and practicum trainees depending on availability in their schedules.
  • Opportunities for integrated behavioral interventions are also available for trainees. CVC participates in a once monthly HEARTS clinic, offering mental health screeners and psychoeducational pamphlets on health issues to the local community.
  • Career counseling and community outreach activities are also available. In the past, community organizations have requested CVC to provide outreach services and one-time process groups.
  • Both individual and group supervision is provided on site.
  • All trainees are required to attend weekly didactic on Wednesdays. 

Application Process

Application material must include:
  • A cover letter explaining how an internship or practicum opportunity at The Community Voices Clinic would fit with your short-and long-term training goals at Lehigh 
  • A current resume.

Application Deadlines

  • November 2 (Practicum)
  • February 25 (Internship)


Email your application to