Dr. Ethan R. Van Norman

Associate Professor
Room A312

Dr. Van Norman's research focuses on databased decision making within multi-tiered systems of support. More specifically, he researches assessment practices and decision making frameworks that school psychologists and educators use: to a) identify students that are at-risk for academic difficulties and need supplemental support as well as b) determine whether students are showing sufficient improvement while those interventions are being delivered.

He is also interested in furthering quantitative approaches to estimating student growth that have the potential to meaningfully impact applied educational practice.

Dr. Van Norman has experience developing and evaluating assessment instruments (i.e., psychometrics). In response to that experience, he is now interested in responsible practices in objectively researching the technical adequacy of measures of academic achievement with the end of goal of enabling consumers of those assessments to make more informed decisions about which tools they use and how they use them.  

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