Dr. Nicole L. Johnson (she/her)

Room A227

Dr. Nicole “Nic” Johnson’s research interests include violence against women and individuals with marginalized sexual/gender identities with an emphasis on sexual violence and intimate partner violence (i.e., gender-based violence), cultural reactions to gender-based violence (e.g., the #MeToo movement), the evaluation of prevention programming for gender-based violence (e.g., bystander prevention programming), and the analysis of sexism and gender inequalities within and outside of the United States. She has assisted in the implementation of two shelter-based treatment programs for women with a history of intimate partner violence, as well as created a “bystander-plus” rape prevention program for college students, incorporating traditional bystander intervention techniques with feminist consciousness raising. She recently received NIH funding to develop and evaluate a multi-pronged intervention targeting risky alcohol use, risky sex, and bystander behavior associated with alcohol and sexual assault contexts. She employs both quantitative and qualitative research methods with a focus on mixed-methodology.

Dr. Johnson has received several awards for her work including: The 2018 American Psychological Association Laura Brown Award for Outstanding Contributions in LGBTQ psychology, the 2018 Zirkel Award for Distinguished Teaching in Education, and the 2019 OUTstanding Initiative Award for her LGBTQ+ focused rape prevention programming. She also directs The Resistance Lab at Lehigh University, which is dedicated to the eradication of gender-based violence through empirical research and programming.