Dr. Nicole L. Johnson

Room A227
Research Interests: 
Sexual Assault
Intimate Partner Violence
Feminist Theory and Therapy

My program of research is dedicated to the exploration and implementation of prevention programming (primary, secondary, and tertiary) for gender-based violence (e.g., rape, intimate partner violence, trans* violence). I have conducted research on a wide variety of factors related to gender-based violence including: cultural norms, social support, social reactions to disclosure, addiction, risky sexual behavior, and chronic health conditions (e.g. HIV, chronic pain). I have also assisted in the implementation of two shelter-based treatment programs for women with a history of intimate partner violence, as well as created/implemented a “bystander-plus” prevention program for college students, incorporating traditional bystander rape prevention programming with feminist consciousness raising techniques.

My professional interests include: the implementation/evaluation of culturally sensitive treatment, advocacy, outreach, feminist theory and practice (including teaching, supervision, and mentorship) and mixed method research.