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Sunday, August 1

Few people realize Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is incurable. The disorder can be managed, but it persists with people throughout their lifetime. Studies estimate that more then 4 percent of the adult population lives with ADHD.

The disorder has plagued adults during some of their most productive years. Michael Phelps... Read more »

Friday, July 16

Abolishing teacher tenure is not the panacea that its proponents contend it is, writes Perry Zirkel, professor of education and law, in an op-ed on the Washington Post education blog, The Answer Sheet

Zirkel concludes... Read more »

Friday, July 9

The return on investment of a Lehigh University degree ranks among the top dozen in the country, according to a study conducted for Bloomberg Businessweek.

Friday, May 14

From a primary school in South Africa to the classrooms of the College of Education at Lehigh, the vision of one alumnus has made a difference around the world. “Peter Morales is the whole reason we are there,” says Alexander W. Wiseman, coordinator of the Comparative and International Education... Read more »

Wednesday, April 21

Community and school leaders from across the region came together at the College of Education’s Distinguished Lecture Series Tuesday evening to discuss new ways to partner with each other. The superintendents of the area’s three urban school districts—Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton—exchanged ideas with each other and with nearly 30 local... Read more »