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Tuesday, October 15

A heartening new Lehigh University study found that when caregivers respond to their baby’s need for attention, they need only to “get it right” half the time to provide a secure base for baby. As study author... Read more »

Friday, October 11

Two years ago, amid the liveliness of the first weeks of a new academic year, Vicki Jagdeo ’21 sensed a certain quietness around the Lehigh campus—not the usual type of quietness, as there was certainly an energy among students who were reuniting after summer vacation. Instead, Jagdeo was noticing a lack of conversation about... Read more »

Friday, October 11

Seeking a stable teacher salary and a healthy work environment? A new analysis suggests heading north.

This year, North Dakota took first place in personal finance site WalletHub's annual ranking of the best and worst states to be a teacher.

The other states rounding out the top five spots this year... Read more »

Thursday, October 10

When it comes to parenting, we need only get it right half the time according to research published in the journal Child Development, by Dr. Susan Woodhouse.

I can certainly get on board with this considering, like most parents, I’m pulled from hour to hour, room to room,... Read more »

Monday, October 7

The Versatilist” is the official podcast of The Immersive Learning Research Network, covering and discussing both the latest news in immersive learning across the disciplines as well as hosting guests... Read more »