Addressing sexual violence within the LGBTQ+ community through Define it! and The Resistance Lab

Monday, April 27, 2020 - 7:00pm

Nicole ‘Nic’ Johnson, PhD, started as a researcher investigating violence against women and through this work noticed a trend  –  sexual identity continuously arose as a “confounding variable.” Researchers frequently controlled for sexual identity, essentially erasing it from the research and moved on without further consideration. As a queer woman and survivor herself, Johnson began to delve into this recurrent and ignored aspect. This led to the creation of The Resistance Lab and the refocus of her research by acknowledging sexuality rather than controlling for it. This direction of inquiry included the Div. 44 nominated APA Science at Sunset research entitled, Addressing Sexual Violence within the LGBTQ+ Community through Consciousness Raising. The research behind this poster is reviewed below as well as an introduction to The Resistance Lab.

Research Focus: 
Field of Expertise: 
Culture, Identity/Marginalization and Resilience