Hojnoski Awarded $1.4M Grant to Develop a Responsive Computerized-Adaptive Assessment System for PreK Mathematics

Wednesday, July 22, 2020 - 12:45pm

Dr. Robin Hojnoski, Professor of School Psychology and Associate Dean for Graduate Studies was awarded a 4-year, $1.4M grant to develop a responsive computerized-adaptive assessment system for PreK mathematics. 

Early mathematics skills are strong predictors of both short-and long-term achievement. This project addresses the need for an efficient, instructionally relevant assessment system in early mathematics. Assessment activities focus on numbers and operations, shape and space, measurement, and pre-algebraic thinking, and the tool will use an innovative, digital platform designed to actively engage children in the assessment process.

This research is a collaboration with Dr. Kristen Missall, University of Washington, Dr. David Purpura, Purdue University, and Dr. Anthony Albano, University of California, Davis. Over the 4-year project, the team will develop an innovative computerized-adaptive assessment that integrates universal screening and diagnostic assessment. The overall goals of the project are to increase efficiency and accuracy in:

  • identifying preschoolers who may be at-risk for mathematical difficulties and
  • understanding student strengths and needs to provide appropriate instruction to move students on a trajectory of learning. 

Early childhood education lead teachers from Pennsylvania, Indiana and Washington will participate along with children in their classrooms, providing feedback throughout the development process to ensure the tool meets the needs of the intended end-user.  

Research Focus: 
Early Childhood Education
Mathematics intervention
Field of Expertise: 
Learning and development