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Fall '17 Edition
This issue of Theory to Practice highlights the efforts of Lehigh’s College of Education in the areas of special education. We are proud to announce the opening of a new Autism Clinic in January 2018 that will help children with autism gain language skills and improve how they interact with others. We also will train graduate students in using applied behavior analysis, which has proved to be an effective tool in helping children with autism make great strides. We also highlight the important work that the College is doing around the globe, from the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania to Cambodia, China and the Czech Republic. Artwork by D. J. Svoboda, Big Field Friends

Theory to Practice: An Inquisitive Review of Contemporary Education & Health is a research review of Lehigh University's College of Education. It has been designed to reflect both the changing nature of education and our emphasis on cutting-edge research, which results in measurable changes within schools, clinics, and policy.

Publisher: Dean, College of Education 
Editor: Mary Ellen Alu 
Creative Director: Kurt Hansen 

Designer: Kate Cassidy
Contributing Writers: Kelly Hochbein, Jennifer Marangos, Daryl Nerl, Margie Peterson, Lauryn Ragone, Amy White

Theory to Practice is published annually by Lehigh University’s College of Education and the Office of University Communications and Public Affairs.