2017 Theory to Practice

Theory to Practice Feature Story on Autism Clinic
Feature Story: Autism Clinic

In the face of enormous need for effective treatment services for children with autism, Lehigh University is opening an Autism Clinic that will use state-of-the-art methods to help these youngsters gain language skills and improve how they interact with others. Slated to open in January at the university’s Iacocca Hall, the clinic is the brainchild of Gary Sasso, dean of the College of Education, and Lee Kern, director of Lehigh’s Center for Promoting Research to Practice


Fear of Fraction
Fear of Fractions

A teaching strategy is showing promise in helping students with learning disabilities to understand fractions.

Under the Sea
Under the Sea

Lehigh researchers look to virtual learning to enhance writing fluency of special needs students.

Sasso Interview
A Conversation with Gary M. Sasso

In this Q&A, Sasso talks with Editor Mary Ellen Alu about his legacy and the challenges ahead for k-12 education. 

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