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CARE Lab Facilities

Lehigh University’s Iacocca Hall
In our lab graduate and undergraduate students work together on a variety of projects. There are currently three research teams: (a) the video coding team, (b) the physiological data team, and (c) the data entry team. Each group is supervised by Dr. Woodhouse and a doctoral student. Transcription of interviews with mothers and data management are also handled in this lab.

Harrisburg CARE Lab

CARE is a research project under the PACT umbrella.

Parents and Children Together (PACT): A Place for Learning about Children and Families was established in Harrisburg by an interdisciplinary group of Penn State researchers who are interested in issues that are important for infants, children, and families. PACT focuses on research relevant to families with young children from infancy through early childhood. PACT focuses on community-engaged research. The PACT Community Advisory Board oversees all of the PACT studies, including CARE. The PACT Community Advisory Board has three standing subcommittees: Outreach Committee, Dissemination Committee, and Intervention Committee. The outreach committee oversees researchers’ efforts to give back to the community. The Dissemination Committee oversees ensuring that researchers provide the community with findings that emerge from the research done through PACT. The Intervention Committee works to develop and do research on sustainable interventions within the community.

CARE’s commitment to the community as a PACT study.

As a PACT-based study, CARE provides community outreach associated with our basic and applied research efforts and give back to the community in ways that are relevant to community members and the agencies that serve them. For example, we have provided workshops on parenting through Harrisburg churches and have done staff training for local agencies on parenting-related issues. Currently, Dr. Susan Woodhouse is providing the Circle of Security Parenting program for parents at a Head Start center in Harrisburg at no cost.  

Our goal is to conduct research that is relevant to the diverse groups that make up the Harrisburg community. We seek to understand the particular strengths and strategies, as well as challenges, of all families so that our scientific understanding of children and families will reflect everyone in the community. CARE participates in events to disseminate results of the project to the community. Overall, we want to empower families and those who serve them.


Denise Sturnes, Project Coordinator
2001 North Front Street
Building 1, Suite 311
Harrisburg, PA 17102
Phone: (717) 236-8220