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CARE Lab Research Opportunities

Gain valuable research experience!

  • Research experience is important when you apply to graduate school.

  • Research experience will help you figure out if you might be interested in doing research in the future.

  • You will learn valuable skills to put on your resume.

  • You can earn academic credits.

We are looking for interested, motivated and dependable students to join our research team!
  • Must have a 3.33 or higher GPA (in psychology or other relevant classes) and 3.0 GPA overall.

  • Must be able to devote 6 hours a week to our research project.

  • We prefer students who can commit for the school year.

Current Positions Available:
  1. Learn how to work with heart rate data. You will learn about the different components of an ECG graph and work on cleaning data for analysis and calculation of respiratory sinus arrhythmia (RSA scores).
  2. Learn how to use SPSS for data entry, perhaps manage data in the lab (if interested), and possibly learn how to help out with some data analysis (if interested).
  3. Learn how to transcribe interviews with parents.
  4. Code narratives and learn more about attachment.
  5. Be involved in a variety of lab tasks e.g., tracking of data flow, help with procedures for participant recruitment (such as compiling birth announcement information), converting video, watching lab videos and recording task information
  6. Be involved in collection counseling-related data in a clinic setting.
  7. Learn to code infant behavior.

If interested in applying, contact Dr. Susan Woodhouse at