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Our program offers a hybrid delivery method - courses are offered online during the fall and spring semesters and face-to-face during the summer. This format allows individuals from around the globe the opportunity to attend Lehigh and to become a leader in their field. Our face-to-face training is critical to producing the best leaders.

The College of Education's distance education program, managed through the Office of Global Online Graduate Degrees and Training since 2001, is designed specifically to reach the global community. We offer both graduate degree programs and professional institutes at our summer sites around the globe, and on-line courses throughout the academic year. 

The program has grown to support students from 67 countries across five continents since its inception in the summer of 2001 with eight students enrolling in classes in Bethlehem, Pa. The office was founded under the leadership of Dean Roland Yoshida with Dr. Daphne Hobson serving as the first director. The office was developed to formalize all of the international activities that the college had long been participating in throughout its history. 

Our office facilitates enrollment, admissions, and program support for all hybrid degrees and certificates as well as connecting the faculty of the college with a myriad of international organizations. 

"Lehigh prepared me to wade through the highly demanding technological landscape in education."

Ali Shameem, Educational Technology Director, King's Academy, Jordan

Global distance education @ Lehigh
A Global Education and Human Services Network
As a graduate of our program, you will walk away with leadership skills within a specialized body of theoretical and applied knowledge; higher order skills in analysis, critical evaluation and professional application; and the ability to solve complex problems and think rigorously and independently.