College Admissions Counseling Certificate - Online + In-Person

Course Requirements: 4 courses (12 credits)
Format: 1 online course in fall, 1 online course in spring, 2 in-person courses (2 weeks) in summer
Time to Completion: 1 year
Application Deadlines: July 20, 2024 for Fall 2024
Application Requirements: Online application, resume, transcripts, undergraduate GPA of 2.75+ (or 12 graduate credits with a GPA of 2.75+), and proof of English proficiency
International Applicants: A transcript evaluation is required for degrees completed outside of the US

The Application for Fall 2024 is NOW OPEN!


The Certificate in College Admissions Counseling prepares new and established college counselors and comprehensive school counselors to support students through every level of the university admissions process with an emphasis on social-emotional support. Courses explore the university search, application preparation, and selection process. Working with diverse international students and families is a focus of the certificate. Additional topics include financial aid, test prep, and essay writing.

In addition to college counseling, the certificate includes courses that help counselors build school counseling programs and provide one-on-one helping skills. Counselors will also learn about guiding students through career exploration in preparation for university admissions. The four graduate courses prepare counselors for comprehensive school counseling. 

Working with international students brings unique challenges. The courses will touch on supporting Third Culture Kids, the different types of higher education systems, and working with students who are applying for universities inside and outside of their country of residence.

Lehigh’s School Counseling programs have diverse graduate students. Enrolling teachers, college and career counselors, and social-emotional counselors in the US and abroad, this program benefits from the varying experience. Students bring their knowledge of domestic and international topics to the classroom to enrich everyones’ learning. Faculty have experience working in international schools and conducting research in the US and internationally. 


Term Subject Course Mode Units
Fall Introduction to University Admissions Counseling CPSY 412 Online asynchronous 3
Spring Counseling the Diverse College-Bound Student CPSY 413 Online asynchronous 3
Summer Helping Skills in the International Settings CPSY 452 1 week in-person 3
Summer International School Counseling I CPSY 453 1 week in-person 3

The certificate starts in the fall with Introduction to University Admissions Counseling. In-person classes are held in an international location during the Summer Institute. Students may choose to spread out their classes over more than one year if a slower pace through the program is better suited to their needs.

The College Admissions Counseling certificate is a parallel program to the International School Counseling certificate. Both programs share the same two summer courses. Students may take courses in both certificates but can only graduate with one certificate. 

Certificate students can apply for the M.Ed. in International School Counseling program during their certificate or upon completion. If admitted, two of the courses (CPSY 452 and 453) will automatically count toward the master's degree. Certificate students who would like to pursue the master's degree are advised to take CPSY 456 in the summer as well.

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