Out of State Certification Application Forms/Letters of Completion

This page contains information for those students who wish to become certified in another state after completing the process in Pennsylvania.

In order to have forms or letters completed for you, you must have finished your program with Lehigh, obtained a final GPA for the program and completed the PDE TIMS application.  This means that the program coordinator has received all of the information necessary to forward your final paperwork to the Office of Profesional Certification.

All states have a process for "out-of-state" prepared applicants. Investigate the procedure with the state's Department of Education directly.  During this process, you will find that the state has a unique form or requires an official letter of completion that must be filled out or written for you by Lehigh's College of Education.  That form/letter must be sent to the your Program's Coordinator.  Be sure to complete as much of the form as you (the applicant) are required to or send any guidelines that the state requires.

The coordinators are:

  1.     Donna Toothman - Special Education and Teaching, Learning & Technology
  2.     Lori Anderson - School Psychology and Counseling Psychology
  3.     Cynthia Deutsch - Educational Leadership 

Note that most forms must go to the Registrar for the official Lehigh seal.  This will cause a short delay in the process.