Master's (M.S.) Instructional Technology

Instructional Technology
Instructional Technology Master's Degree in just 10 courses!

Dr. Scott Garrigan
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The 30-credit Master of Science in Instructional Technology program focuses on the planning and use of instructional technology in PreK-12, post-secondary settings, and informal learning environments (such as museums and science centers).

The program is targeted toward individuals from varied backgrounds who wish to help educators or learn themselves to design, develop, and incorporate technology applications more effectively in diverse educational settings.

This is an appropriate degree for those who teach in the classroom and online, technology specialists, informal educators, and others interested in effectively using information and communications technologies to enhance instruction.

The program is designed to help develop skills that can be used to create new curriculum and learning activities to meet the demands of a changing technological society and the needs of new generations of students. 

As such, graduates may be designing online courses, enhance existing curriculum with emerging technologies, or may work as technology specialists, assisting with the integration of technology in academic and informal learning environments.

The Instructional Technology graduate program is intended for both current professionals in the education field as well as those who are seeking an advanced degree to upgrade their skills and knowledge base related to technology.


Course Number Name Credits
College Core Requirements (3 credits)    
EDUC 471         Diversity and Multicultural Perspectives 3
Program Core Requirements (15 credits)  
TLT 401 Overview of Teaching and Learning  3
TLT 403  Instructional Design 3
TLT 458 Introduction to Multimedia Programming and Resource Development for Learning 3
TLT 460   Advanced Multimedia Programming and Resource Development for Learning 3
TLT 476 Assessment of Instructional Technologies 3
Electives (Choose 4 for 12 credits)  
TLT 367 Environmental Education   
TLT 368  Teaching and Learning with Geospatial Tools  
TLT 462  Special Topics in Development of Instructional Resources and Technologies for Learning 1-3
TLT 470 Technology for Teaching and Learning 3
TLT 474 Large-scale Planning and Implementation of Educational Technology 3
TLT 480 Curriculum Theory and Design  3
EDUC 493 Internship in: (with subtitle) 1-6
  Other electives as approved by advisor 0-6

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