Master's (M.Ed.) School Counseling + PA State Certification

School Counseling Master's Degree Program
Pennsylvania Department of Education Approved School Counseling Master's Degree

Our Master's degree in School Counseling prepares students to provide culturally responsive direct services to individuals and groups, conduct workshops, classes, consultation, and prevention programs across developmental levels to assist in developing coping skills for living in a complex and culturally diverse society. Internships are normally conducted in urban school districts. A successful graduate may be employed in a variety of settings such as mental health agencies, social service agencies, college counseling centers, elementary, middle and secondary schools. The attached document (PA Guidelines) describes the mission and intent of school counselor training in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in detail. A link to that document is contained below:

The M.Ed. in School Counseling requires the completion of 48 credits and is based upon Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) standards and competencies for school counselors (Pre-k - 12). These professional preparation programs reflect the increasing level of skills and competencies required for certification as a school counselor in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The M.Ed. programs in school counseling are designed to provide scientifically-based coursework as well as the specialized counseling "common core" coursework, and practical experience and professional concentration for certification as an elementary or secondary counselor in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; The school counseling M.Ed. leads to Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) certification (Prek-12) for school counseling practice. 

The faculty seeks to produce counselors who can conceptualize and intervene in preventative, developmental, and therapeutic ways to assist a broad cultural cross-section of individuals to improve their understanding, adjustment, and daily functioning across the life span. 

As of January 2014, school counselors in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are certified PreK-12.  The Lehigh School Counseling Program now leads to certification at PreK-12 through the Pennsylvania Department of Education TIMS online system.

Curriculum for Master of Education in School Counseling & Pennsylvania State Certification
Shared Core Courses (21 credits)
CPSY 427 Assessment and Appraisal in Counseling 3
CPSY 436 Culture-Centered Career Intervention 3
CPSY 442 Counseling and Therapeutic Approaches 3
CPSY 471 Diversity and Multicultural Perspectives 3
CPSY 472 Human Development Across the Lifespan 3
EDUC 403 Research 3
CPSY 451 Helping Skills 3
School Counseling Track (17 credits)
CPSY 445 School Counseling I 4
CPSY 448 School Counseling II 3
CPSY 449 School Counseling III 4
SPED 332 Education and Inclusion of Individuals with Special Needs in K-12 3
SPED 465 Advanced Inclusionary Practices in K-12 3
Clinical Training (7 credits)  
CPSY 479 Master's Counseling Practicum 1
CPSY 480 Master's Internship I 3
CPSY 483 Master's Internship II 3
Specialty and Technology Requirement  

1 Advisor Approved Elective

Electronic Portfolio Completion Form Signed Off

Technology Requirement (An Electronic Portfolio is required, student must post it to Web space), complete online registration each semester, receive orientation from LTS staff on use of the portal, use Course Site for at least one course, and take at least one Information Resources Mini Course as well as participate in the LU CP Listserv)

NOTE: Students seeking LPC status should also register for CPSY 439 and CPSY 430 as two of their additional courses for licensure beyond the 48 credits required for the degree.
Total Credits 48
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Application Requirements & Deadlines