PA State Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction Certification

The Lehigh Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction certification program builds the capacity of aspiring supervisors to work closely with school leaders to improve teacher effectiveness and thereby improve student learning. Drawing from the fields of education and management, the program equips the next generation of supervisors with expertise in instructional, supervisory, and curriculum leadership. The supervisory certification program is endorsed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) and allows successful program completers the ability to hold an administrative position (other than building principal) in most all PA public institutions.

An educator holding a valid PA certificate as a Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction is qualified to perform the following duties, functions and information:

  • Supervision, instruction, and evaluation of staff as designated by the school superintendent,
  • Designation and development of curriculum, learning materials and innovative educational programs,
  • Conduct experimental instructional programs,
  • Direct and conduct basic or applied educational research,
  • Supervision of the integration of technology into curricular planning and
  • instructional design,
  • Supervision of educational technology specialist, whenever employed.

All candidates must have an earned Masters degree in an educationally related area:

  • Elementary/Secondary Education
  • Educational Leadership
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Teaching and Learning Sciences
  • etc.

In addition, the candidate must have a minimum of four years of elementary and or secondary school teaching experience.  

Students will be admitted as a cohort group.  Each cohort will begin course work during the summer. Prior to receiving the endorsement from the College of Education for certification the student must submit passing scores on the PRAXIS Supervision and Administration examination (#0410) and shall have demonstrated a minimum of five years of certificate teaching experience. 

Summer 1 (6 cr. hrs.)
EDL 421  Instructional Leadership 3
EDL 422 Curriculum Management for the School Executive 3
Fall (5 cr. hrs.)
EDL 400 Organizational Leadership & Change Management 3
EDL 428 Practicum in Supervision of Curriculum and Instruction I 2
Spring (5 cr.)
EDL 467 Supervision and Professional Development 3
EDL 429 Practicum in Supervision of Curriculum and Instruction II 2
Summer 2 (3 cr.)
EDL 420 Data Based Decision Making 3
Total Credits 19

Click here to view the course catalog which provides descriptions of the courses.  

Application Requirements & Deadlines