Teacher Education Program (within Teaching, Learning, and Technology Program)

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge." Albert Einstein
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Certifying teachers who are experts in their subject area as well as in the theory and practice of pedagogy.

Our teacher certification and master's and doctoral degree programs are built upon the premise that teachers must simultaneously be subject matter experts and highly skilled at helping others’ understand the content as well.

Good teachers know enough about the subject to be sensitive to those aspects that will be especially hard for new students to master and are able to adapt the design of their instruction accordingly. In other words, we believe expert teaching occurs at the intersection of discipline-specific knowledge and pedagogical knowledge. For this reason --and unlike other four-year undergraduate education programs-- our teacher education coursework is in addition to (not in place of) the depth and breadth of coursework required to get a complete bachelor’s degree in a discipline-specific area.

We are accredited by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to offer general education teacher certification programs in the following areas:
Biology 7-12 Mathematics 7-12
Chemistry 7-12 Physics 7-12
Earth and Space Science 7-12 PreK-4
English 7-12 Social Studies 7-12
General Science 7-12 Program Specialist - English as a Second Language PK-12

Those interested in becoming a teacher can begin education coursework as part of a post-bachelor's program in Elementary Education M.Ed. or Secondary Education M.Ed.  Dual certification in Special Education PreK-12 is also an option.  Undergraduate students at Lehigh can begin as part of a 5-year program while pursuing their bachelor's degree.   An Education Minor (15 credits) is available to Lehigh undergraduate students.

We offer a post-certification master's in Teaching and Learning M.Ed. for current teachers who want further professional development.  Those interested in becoming teacher educators themselves should consider our Teaching, Learning, and Technology doctoral (Ph.D.) program.

Early Intervention

Intervening Early to Support Children’s Language and Literacy Development
Dr. L. Brook Sawyer
Dr. L. Brook Sawyer

Assistant Professor, Teacher Education


1. Supporting Parents and Teachers

Dr. Sawyer is focused on developing interventions that help parents and teachers support young children’s language and literacy development.

2. Partnering with the Community

Dr. Sawyer partners with the community to ensure that young children have high quality early education.

Parents Plus

Institute of Education Services Research

Dr. Sawyer is developing an intervention to teach parents of preschool children with language impairment how to support their children’s language development


Berks County Intermediate Unit 14

Berks County IU and Dr. Sawyer are collaborating to support teachers’ language and literacy practices (Project RISE).


Lehigh Valley Children’s Center

Dr. Sawyer sits on the Board of Directors for LVCC and provides professional development to their early childhood teachers on evidence-based language and literacy practices.


Lehigh University undergraduate students can earn their Bachelor's and Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree in Elementary Education or Secondary Education plus Pennsylvania Teacher Certification in 5 years. We are accredited by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

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