Forms & Guides


  • Add/Drop Form - This form is required to drop or add a class after the fifth day of class, or drop a class after the 10th day and before the 11th week, and requires instructor and advisor signature.
  • Petition - Students who need an exception to a current policy may submit a petition to the SOGS Committee.
  • Program for Master's Degree - This form is used to obtain final approval of all courses comprising the Master's degree.
  • Application for Graduation - This form is used to apply for graduation.
  • Graduate Student Work Limit Overload Petition - By University policy, graduate students may not work more than 25 ours per week. This is an application to petition this policy in order for a graduate student to work more hours.
  • Approval Form for Practicum in University Teaching (use Safari as your browser)
  • Lehigh University Graduate Student Request for Full-Time Certification - Students registered for less than 9 credits (i.e. students in Maintenance of Candidacy or completing degree requirements) must complete and submit a Full-Time Certification form to maintain full-time status. 
  • Lehigh Petition for Graduate Course Credit Transfer - Current graduate students who plan on taking a course elsewhere should complete this form and submit with a course description to the academic department for review.
  • Independent Study / Fieldwork Form - Application for independent study and/or fieldwork.
  • College of Education Application for Student Travel Award - The COE Student Travel Fund has been established to provide support to graduate students who present at professional conferences. Students may apply for a maximum of $500 per academic year to offset travel costs (e.g., airfare, hotel accommodations, and conference registration fees).
  • Lehigh University Graduate Student Senate Application for Student Travel Grant -  To be eligible for GSS Travel Grants, your Graduate Unit must be active both when your application is submitted and during your dates of travel. All approved travel grant applications are contingent upon verification of active unit status during the dates of the conference. It is your responsibility to ensure your unit maintains active status. See the Unit Eligibility for Travel Grants section below. Students are allowed a maximum of $225 in GSS funding per fiscal year and are limited to $150 if presenting a paper or $75 if attending but not presenting.
  • Graduate Curriculum Change Request Form - This form is required when you are changing your curriculum for one of the following reasons: earned a Master's degree and will be continuing on to a Doctoral Degree; in a Doctoral program and will be earning a Master's degree along the way; in a Ph.D. program and is leaving program with a Master's degree.
  • Graduate Tuition Deferment Request - If your graduate tuition at Lehigh University is reimbursed to you by your employer, you can request a deferment of the payment of your graduate tuition. For complete information visit this page