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Wednesday, October 21

The Obama administration’s Race to the Top Fund is a $4.35 billion “down payment” on the nation’s future. Against this historical financial commitment we asked members of the Lehigh community what they believe should be the nation’s top educational reform priorities moving forward.

Margaret Barilla ’86, ... Read more »

Monday, October 12

Social change starts in our schools, which makes the roles of school leaders critical and complex. Here, Tom Persing ’69 and Rachel Holler ’06 —both College of Education graduates— discuss the changing dynamics and generational differences in educational leadership. Not only have they managed different leadership transitions, but their ... Read more »

Friday, October 9

The results of th early-intervention study conducted by Dr. Lee Kern, Dr. George DuPaul, and colleagues suggest several strategies for parents and teachers working with young children with ADHD.

1) Make... Read more »

Wednesday, October 7

Written by Thomas W. Durso | Illustrations by Melinda Beck

A new, groundbreaking study shows that a series of innovative behavioral interventions can give preschool children a new perspective on life in —and out of— the classroom.

Walk into most preschool classrooms in America, and you cross into a world of organized... Read more »

Monday, October 5

Forecasting the future is a tricky business. Thomas Edison once predicted the extinction of textbooks, saying, “It is possible to teach every branch of human knowledge with the motion picture.” Likewise, Tom Hammond, assistant professor of teaching, learning, and technology, proves his mettle by assessing five trends in educational... Read more »