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Thursday, September 10

In classrooms across America, students with special needs have quietly endured years of extensive physical and verbal abuse.

Faced with a rising number of incidents and an incriminating U.S. General Accounting Office investigative report on the abuse of special needs children, the house Committee on Education and Labor held a... Read more »

Sunday, September 6

Coal has long been synonymous with America’s industrial heritage and economic expansion. That doesn’t have to change: the United States has a 300-year supply of coal waiting to be tapped, a predicament that is at the heart of many policy and environmental debates today.

Despite our historical reliance on coal, though, only 42 percent of... Read more »

Saturday, September 5

A revamped Americans with Disabilities Act may further complicate special education law — signaling a marked increase in litigation across America.

When president George W. Bush signed into law the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments las November, civil rights activists heralded the move. Designed to restore the original... Read more »