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Wednesday, October 7

Written by Thomas W. Durso | Illustrations by Melinda Beck

A new, groundbreaking study shows that a series of innovative behavioral interventions can give preschool children a new perspective on life in —and out of— the classroom.

Walk into most preschool classrooms in America, and you cross into a world of organized... Read more »

Monday, October 5

Forecasting the future is a tricky business. Thomas Edison once predicted the extinction of textbooks, saying, “It is possible to teach every branch of human knowledge with the motion picture.” Likewise, Tom Hammond, assistant professor of teaching, learning, and technology, proves his mettle by assessing five trends in educational... Read more »

Monday, October 5

Early in his tenure, President Ronald Reagan confounded civil rights advocates by shining the national spotlight on mandatory school busing, a controversial topic in nearly every corner of the country.

Not that the issue of desegregation had quietly slipped under the country’s collective radar—it hadn’t, especially in urban areas ... Read more »

Monday, September 28

In Philadelphia, a new generation of educational leaders is being groomed. Its charge is simple: to outperform and overachieve.

Evan Scott stood on the 13th green in Los Cabos, Mexico, looked at the Sierra de  la Laguna Mountains and marveled at how far he had come. Here was a kid from the toughest part of Philadelphia... Read more »

Wednesday, September 23

In the wake of No Child Left Behind, educators and politicians are attempting to inject some much needed innovation into America’s classrooms. Just how successful they can be is a much different—and complicated—story.

Not long after President George W. Bush took office in January 2001, the education bill titled No Child... Read more »