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Ethan Van Norman Develops a More Rigorous Approach for Identifying Effective Interventions

Tuesday, June 16, 2020 - 5:00pm

A nearly $900K grant from IES supports Van Norman’s work to develop a quantitatively rigorous and user-friendly measure of the effectiveness of interventions for students with disabilities and learning difficulties.

When a student struggles in school due to a disability or learning difficulties, the school provides interventions to help the student. In the United States, many schools use a student’s response or lack of response to intervention to make decisions about special education evaluation—a high-stakes decision for a student, particularly if it’s not clear whether an intervention is working, says Ethan Van Norman

“How can we give teachers actionable data to determine whether they should change the intervention or keep things the same?” asks Van Norman, an assistant professor of school psychology

Research Focus: 
Interventions for Children with Disabilities
Field of Expertise: 
Atypical intellectual functions and development