Tuesday, September 15

Despite all the headlines, the American public knows little about Autism Spectrum Disorder. It’s a misunderstanding that has consequences, including a price tag that reaches far into the billions.


In a February 2007 report, the Centers for Disease... Continue reading »

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Thursday, September 10

In classrooms across America, students with special needs have quietly endured years of extensive physical and verbal abuse.

Faced with a rising number of incidents and an incriminating U.S. General Accounting Office investigative report on the abuse of... Continue reading »

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Sunday, September 6

Coal has long been synonymous with America’s industrial heritage and economic expansion. That doesn’t have to change: the United States has a 300-year supply of coal waiting to be tapped, a predicament that is at the heart of many policy and environmental debates today... Continue reading »

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Saturday, September 5

A revamped Americans with Disabilities Act may further complicate special education law — signaling a marked increase in litigation across America.

When president George W. Bush signed into law the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments las November, ... Continue reading »

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