Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

Get your Lehigh TESOL Certificate today!
Get your Lehigh TESOL Certificate today!

Lehigh's TESOL Certificate is designed for individuals interested in the TESOL profession, whether in domestic or international settings. This practical and versatile four-course certificate will assist current or prospective educators in developing their pedagogical expertise in TESOL best practices that they can utilize in higher education, adult/literacy education, and English as a foreign language (EFL) education classrooms. 


You will choose three courses from the list below plus an additional approved elective course. 

    EDUC 391 Educational Linguistics 3
    EDUC 419 Second Language Acquisition 3
    EDUC 420 Contemporary Issues in English Language Learner Education 3
    EDUC 422 Pedagogy for Second Language Learning 3
    EDUC 423 Curriculum and Materials Design for English Language Learners 3

    Course descriptions can be found in the course catalog.

    NOTE: If you are working on your Lehigh Certificate and plan to enroll as a Master's student you must first apply (and be offered acceptance) to become a Master's student in the College of Education. 

    Certificate Program Form

    Upon completion of your certificate program, you are required to complete this form.  By doing so, your certificate will appear on your Lehigh transcript and you will receive a formal certificate.

    Application Requirements & Deadlines