Research and Publications

As part of our commitment to furthering the field of autism services, LUAS conducts ongoing research. See below for information about our current projects, magazine and online publications.

Current Projects

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Past Projects

“Oh, You Built a Sand-Castle”: Socially Valid Outcome Driven Family Conversation Intervention 

    Authors: Ivory, K. P., Chen, R., & Kern, L.

The purpose of this study, presented at the Council for Exceptional Children Annual Meeting (2019), was to teach a preschool aged child with autism to verbally and accurately respond to the cue, “What did you do in school today?” The study was run while the child attended camp at his preschool. The intervention consisted of systematic instruction with a prompting hierarchy, textual cues, and embedded choice-making. The participant demonstrated an improved ability to report about his day when his parents asked him at the end of the camp day.

Magazine and Online Publications

Wood, C. & Lauriello, J. C. (2021, September) Identifying why challenging behavior occurs: Tips for prevention. Autism Spectrum News, 14(2).

Wood, C., Thatcher, A., & Settanni, E. (2022, January). A guide to implement video self-monitoring to teach a variety of skills. Autism Spectrum News, 14(3).

Balzarotti, A., Wood C., & Settanni, E. (2022, April). Implementing peer support arrangements in schools. Autism Spectrum News, 14(4)..

Settanni, E. & Lauriello, J. C. (2022, July). A meeting of worlds: Multidisciplinary teams in autism research. Autism Spectrum News, (15(1).

Book Chapters

Kern, L., Croner Lauriello, J. C., & Settanni, E. (in press). Behavioral intervention techniques for increasing desirable behaviors. In P. Doehring, F.
Volkmar, & B. Reichow (Eds.). Evidence-Based Intervention Practices. 

Kern, L., Settanni, E., & Croner Lauriello, J. C. (in press). Antecedent interventions. In P. Sturmey, R. Lang, & J. K. Luiselli (Eds.). Lifespan Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder: An Evidence-Based Guide for Professionals and Families.