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Project PEAK Presentations and Publications


DuPaul, G.J., Kern, L., Belk, G., Custer, B., Daffner, M., Hatfield, A., & Peek, D. (2018). Face-to-face vs. online behavioral parent training for young children at-risk for ADHD: Treatment engagement and outcomes. Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, 47(sup1), S369-S383.

DuPaul, G.J., Kern, L., Belk, G., Custer, B., Hatfield, A., Daffner, M., & Peek, D. (2018). Promoting parent engagement in behavioral intervention for young children with ADHD: Iterative treatment development. Topics in Early Childhood Special Education, 38, 42-53.


Nelson, A. K., Chunta, A. M., Franklin-Gillette, S., DuPaul, G. J., & Kern, L. (to be presented 2021, February). BPT on Emotional and Social Concerns for Children with ADHD. Poster presented at the National Association of School Psychologists 2021 Convention (NASP) (virtual). 

Ahn, J.H., Chunta, A., DuPaul, G.J., & Kern, L. (2020, November). The Impact of Behavioral and Optimistic Parenting Training and Immersive Virtual Reality on Parental Affiliate Stigma. Poster presented at the annual convention of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT) (virtual).  

Chunta, A., DuPaul, G.J., Kern, L., & Cleminshawm C. (2020, August). Immersive Virtual Reality and Optimism Training to Enhance Behavioral Parent Training for ADHD. Poster presented at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association (virtual). 

Drogan, R., & Kern, L. (2014, March). A family engagement approach for preschoolers at-risk for ADHD. Poster session presented at the International Conference for Positive Behavior Support, Chicago, Illinois. 

DuPaul, G.J., Kern, L., Buck, K.E., Cayless-Patches, S., Drogan, R., Gernhart, A.L., & Yang, J.H. (2014, February). Parent education for ADHD preschoolers: Treatment development process and outcomes. Paper presented at the annual convention of the National Association of School Psychologists, Washington, DC.

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