Depression intervention

Center for Promoting Research to Practice

What is the Intervention?
The CARS depression manual includes a set of activities from evidence based interventions targeting depressed mood.  The intervention is to be used in a group format.

Who is it for?
Middle and high school students

This intervention is designed to help students who may be experienced depressed moods through group activities and individual sessions.

Background Information:
The group activities presented in this manual are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy based activities and should be provided by a professional with a graduate degree in a mental health discipline (i.e. counseling, social work, psychology, school psychology).  There are three phases of this intervention; each phase covers different topics and activities. The topics do not need to be completed in separate sessions; however, they should be completed in the order presented. In addition to the group activities, the manual includes homework assignments for students to complete outside of the group to practice and reinforce the skills discussed during the sessions.

Phase 1: Phase one can be completed in a group setting. The first phase involves students learning about moods and how they can be managed.

Phase 2: Phase two can be completed in a group setting. In this phase students will learn skills to help them better manage and improve his/her mood.

Phase 3: Phase three should be completed in individual sessions. During phase 3 students will apply their newly learned skills in their daily lives.

Materials Needed:
CARS Depression Manual