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Dr. Susan Woodhouse

Room A225
Focus Areas
Addressing Mental Health and Health Inequities
Atypical Functioning and Development
Communities and Families
Developmental Psychopathology
Emotional Functioning
Emotional/Behavioral Disorders
Home Visiting Interventions
Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health
Mental Health
Neighborhoods and Communities
Psychotherapy/intervention Process and Outcome
Psychophysiology of Stress and Regulation
School Psychology and Counseling
Social and Emotional Development
Stress and Adversity

Dr. Woodhouse's research interests focus on  applications  of  attachment  theory  to  (a)  children’s  and   adolescents’  relationships with parents and peers, (b) process and outcomes of psychotherapy, and (c) psychotherapy research focused on improving preventive interventions for underserved, diverse families with young children to promote school readiness and mental health.

In terms of promotion of school readiness and mental health outcomes, Dr. Woodhouse is particularly interested in culturally-appropriate, preventive interventions to support positive parenting. Her work focuses on better understanding the role of parenting in the development of children's emotion regulation capacities. In her research she uses a variety approaches, including physiological indicators of emotion regulation (e.g., heart rate variability) and stress reactivity (e.g., cortisol), as well as observational, and self-report measures.

Practice and clinical training interests include the integration of attachment theory, object relations, self-psychology, and relational psychodynamic approaches with a multicultural and feminist approach.