Teacher Training and Professional Development

Gaudelli Weighs in on Teacher Job Market Trends for 2020

Oct 2 2020 - 1:45pm

Given the change of course that has happened in the world during the beginning of the year, we wanted to provide expert opinions on what aspiring Teachers can do to start off their careers in an uncertain economic climate. Key components are upcoming trends, important skills to learn, and if there will be any lasting effects on the job market.

We talked to professors from several universities to get their opinions on where the job market for Teachers is heading, as well as how young graduates entering the industry can be adequately prepared. Here are their thoughts.

Dr. Julie Fogt

Director of Centennial School and Adjunct Professor
Centennial School
Focus Areas
Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder
Atypical Functioning and Development
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Emotional Functioning
Emotional/Behavioral Disorders
Inclusion of Children with Special Needs
Interventions for Children with Disabilities
Low-incidence Disabilities
Positive Behavior Support

Dr. Susan Woodhouse

Associate Professor, Training Director, Community Voices Clinic Director
Room A225
Focus Areas
Addressing Mental Health and Health Inequities
Atypical Functioning and Development
Communities and Families
Developmental Psychopathology
Emotional Functioning
Emotional/Behavioral Disorders
Home Visiting Interventions
Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health
Mental Health
Neighborhoods and Communities
Psychotherapy/intervention Process and Outcome
Psychophysiology of Stress and Regulation
School Psychology and Counseling
Social and Emotional Development
Stress and Adversity