Special Education Program Info

Welcome to the Special Education Program of Lehigh University. You have entered a program that is unique nationwide because of its strong field-based and research focus. Whether you are entering with a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education or are just beginning your studies in this field, our goal is for all students in the M.Ed. Program to graduate as outstanding special education teachers or practitioners. Please read this policy manual carefully so that you will understand the policies of the M.Ed. program. For more information about our program visit this page.

Overview and Philosophy

The Special Education Program is strongly committed to the preparation of highly qualified educators who are not only skilled practitioners and/or researchers, but are leaders in establishing effective teaching and learning environments for individuals with disabilities in their school and community. The philosophy that underlies the program's curriculum and the activities of the program's faculty include a person-centered approach, cross-categorical training, assessment-based practices, experiential learning, and innovation in research and practice. The Special Education program is also committed to the education and inclusion of all individuals with disabilities in school and society.

Expectations of Students

Students in the Special Education Program are expected to seize the opportunity to learn to be outstanding special education teachers or practitioners. This requires doing your very best work at all times, both in class, field placements, and class projects you complete in schools or the community. You are expected to maintain confidentiality at all times regarding students with whom you are working and issues that are discussed in class. Also, you are expected to exhibit professionalism throughout the program. This means being on time and making sure you have completed required work, whether it is for class or for field placements. You are expected to speak respectfully about peers and your work setting.

Program Manuals:

Special Education Programs with Certification for Current Students (who are able to complete by Spring 2021).

  • Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Special Education and Special Education Prek-8 And Prek-4 Dual Pennsylvania Teacher Certification (PDF)
  • Master's (M.Ed.) Special Education & Dual PA State Certification in 7-12 Special and General Education (PDF)
  • Master of Education (M.Ed.) Special Education and Special Education Prek-8 Pennsylvania Additional Teacher Certification (PDF)
  • Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Special Education and Special Education 7-12 Pennsylvania Additional Teacher Certification (PDF)