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Wednesday, June 5

The editorial board of AAMI's peer-reviewed journal, Biomedical Instrumentation & Technology awarded the Best Research Paper of 2018 to a group of researchers at B. Braun Medical Inc. who were focused on establishing standardized metrics, operational definitions, and processes for measuring and reporting alarm data in order to better... Read more »

Monday, June 3

Go easy on yourself, Mom! A new study outlines what it takes to make your crying baby feel more secure—and it turns out it's less work than you think.

New moms, don’t be so hard on yourselves. Even if you don’t “get it right” 100 percent of the time, your baby will turn out just fine. Don’t believe it? A new study confirms being a good... Read more »

Friday, May 31

Sean Jin is 31 and says he’d not washed a dish until he was in his sophomore year of college.

“Literally my mom and my grandma would … tell me to stop doing dishes because I’m a man and I shouldn’t be doing dishes.” It was a long time, he says, before he realized their advice and that sensibility were “not OK.”

Now, as part of the... Read more »

Friday, May 31

A nearly $900K grant from IES supports Ethan Van Norman’s work to develop a quantitatively rigorous and user-friendly measure of the effectiveness of interventions for students with disabilities and learning difficulties.

Schools provide interventions for students with disabilities and learning difficulties to help those... Read more »

Thursday, May 30

Netta Admoni of the counseling psychology program received this year's Elizabeth V. Stout Dissertation Award from the College of Education for her dissertation, "Maternal Sensitivity and Patterns of Infant Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia and Infant Distress in Response to Maternal Engagement and Disengagement.”

One graduate from each of... Read more »