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Wednesday, October 7

Brittany Zakszeski, Ph.D., NCSP, Lehigh School Psychology alumna and training and consulting specialist at Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Center for Effective Schools was recently recognized by the American Psychological Foundation (APF) for her work in examining ways to reduce... Read more »

Friday, October 2

Dominique Levert was awarded the Early Care and Education Research Scholar: Head Start Dissertation grant. Levert’s project is entitled "Ensuring Young Children Have a Head Start: Transition Practices that Link Early Childhood Education Settings." The two-year, $50,000 project focuses on ensuring a smooth transition into preschool, as... Read more »

Friday, October 2

Given the change of course that has happened in the world during the beginning of the year, we wanted to provide expert opinions on what aspiring Teachers can do to start off their careers in an uncertain economic climate. Key components are upcoming trends, important skills to learn, and if there will be any lasting effects on the job market... Read more »

Thursday, September 17

Under IDEA, students with disabilities are still entitled to compensatory services once the school year begins, even if school hasn’t officially reopened in person, said Perry Zirkel, Ph.D., J.D., professor emeritus of education and law at Lehigh... Read more »

Thursday, September 10

While the agency’s attempt to differentiate between compensatory and “Covid recovery services” might be well-intentioned, the “differentiation is not all that clear,” said Perry Zirkel, a professor emeritus of education and law at Lehigh University, who frequently blogs about special education.

“The... Read more »