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Thursday, April 11

Patricia Manz develops curriculum to improve home visiting services for children with significant developmental needs.

Precision medicine customizes health care to the specific needs of an individual patient. Precision home visiting does the same for the developmental needs of infants and toddlers from socioeconomically disadvantaged... Read more »

Thursday, April 11

Teachers' perceptions of these policies impact instructional improvement and teacher behavior.

Teacher evaluation policies, a key element of education policy at both state and national levels, can provide teachers with valuable information about their instructional practice and how they might improve. However, if a teacher does not... Read more »

Monday, April 8

Dr. Nicole Johnson and student Malaika Gutekunst are receiving the "OUTstanding Initiative" award, which honors those who have created and implemented an innovative initiative that promotes LGBTQ+ inclusion at Lehigh. Because of their extraordinary contributions to the development and implementation of DefineIt, the first ever research project... Read more »

Thursday, March 28

After pulling a virtual reality headset over his eyes and picking up a set of controllers, a high school student finds himself on a nature trail.

As he moves along the rocky path on the side of a mountain, he encounters trees, vegetation, and trail signs identifying his location—the Lehigh Gap Nature Center—a wildlife refuge... Read more »

Tuesday, March 26

“These types of groups can be healthy and helpful for men and women,” said Chris Liang, a licensed psychologist and associate professor of counseling psychology at Lehigh University.

Liang researches the effect of masculinity on health and was part of a board that helped the American Psychological Association (APA... Read more »