Educational Leadership Degree and Certification Programs

Master's Degree Programs

Master's (M.Ed.) Educational Leadership

Graduates work as PK-12 school leaders.

Masters (M.Ed.) Educational Leadership - Global Program

Graduates work as school leaders in international schools.

M.Ed. in Educational Leadership – Urban Principals Academy@Lehigh (U*PAL)

Graduates work as PK-12 school leaders and college/university administrators in urban environments.

Doctoral Degree Program

Ed.D. Educational Leadership

The doctorate of Educational Leadership program is designed to provide candidates with several avenues of study to enable them to reach their career goals, whether that be as a top K-12 school administrator, the head of a community organization or institution, a researcher investigating the best practices in the field or a leader in a government agency.  

Pennsylvania State Certification Programs

PK-12 Principal Certification

Our 13-course program is designed for educators who are interested in assuming a position as a Principal.

Superintendent PK-12 of Schools Certification - Letter of Eligibility

This 6-course program (additional 4-courses that comprise a apprenticeship) is designed for PK-12 administrators seeking certification to excel in the superintendent role.

PA State Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction Certification

This 7-course program builds the capacity of aspiring supervisors to work closely with school leaders to improve teacher effectiveness and thereby improve student learning.